Can You Hear Me?!

As a watershed moment for a Fortune 100 Financial Company, we were tasked with producing their first ever, “National Forum” – an event that would invite their entire distribution network from across the country.

Because this company had never done a meeting of this size before, there was extra preparation that was taken. A steering committee was formed with representation from across the enterprise. Bow & Arrow was also asked to sit on this committee, as the only outside vendor selected to do so.

After months of planning all of the technical aspects, as well as the months of producing content from presentations to custom videos, we were ready to go.

But anytime you have a business meeting of this scale, with this importance, you’re always focused on making sure the audience doesn’t get lost or doesn't get the message. The people who make up the distribution force aren’t just numbers, they are imperative to the successes of the organization – and as a Strategic Communication Company we were focused on making sure they knew that.

Through the months of planning we developed eye-catching presentations – with bold imagery that could hold the attention of several thousand meeting-goers. We then looked for innovative and unique ways to keep the audience focused & engaged in such a large space. With that, we introduced “Satellite Stages” that many presenters shared from. This allowed someone who thought they were in the back of the room to suddenly be right in the middle of all the action.

This attention to detail and unique approach to live event communication produced a fantastic event for the company.

The strong results were summed up by the President of the Company, “I had set my expectations very high for this event. Bow & Arrow totally exceeded those expectations and produced results that I did not think were possible. You are the absolute best!”

Las Vegas Buisness Meeting