Coloring Outside the Lines

Several months before a Fortune 100 Company’s largest meeting of the year, our team had already been working with the company's Project Managers, Corporate Relations teams & Executives on the custom content and presentations they would deliver.

In addition to providing all of the production for the event for over 5,000 attendees, we were tasked with developing content from custom media animations & videos, to producing music scores & final arrangements down to the presentations that the executives and guest speakers would deliver.

With a focus on Creative Excellence, we were determined to create something outstanding for each presenter that walked on stage – including for the President of the company, whose responsibility it was to share the strategy for the coming year.

Knowing that a traditional PowerPoint with bullets and support images would get lost quickly, and having designed a custom stage with 9 large LED surfaces, we turned to a classic but effective medium – ART!

With a desire to create visuals that would have impact as well as a personal touch, we had a series of paintings custom created that would reinforce the messages the President was speaking to. This provided a consistent look throughout the presentation that helped create a dynamic experience for the thousands of attendees. The results were stunning and speak for themselves.

The subtle but strong visuals displayed on the shining LED across the 100’ stage provided the perfect backdrop to reinforce the important messages of the President and just as important - make it memorable.

Las Vegas Buisness Meeting