It's More Than a Mattress!

It was six weeks before Sealy’s National Sales Conference, an event held once every five years. The stakes were high. Sealy was looking to this meeting to showcase their new line of mattresses to their global distribution sources. Advertising giant Leo Burnett had created a new ad campaign and was now driving the integration of that campaign with the national sales conference.

Three companies (including Leo Burnett’s internal production company) were invited to compete for the role of creative producers and event production fulfillment. The selection criteria would be based on the creative ideas and overall value proposition. We had one week to develop and submit our plan.

Understanding that their revolutionary new product was the star of the event, we looked for every way to showcase the product as an integral part of the creative design. Our scenic design incorporated the mattress into the set as video and graphic projection surfaces.

Every photo taken, every presentation given during the general session, every video played had the product in the background – and in a very unique and creative way. This unique approach (along with other elements) secured us the business.

As the process unfolded our depth of experience aided in additional contributions to the event – from venue branding & awards ceremonies to crafting the CEO’s remarks. This integrated approached showcased Sealy’s message and helped create an incredibly successful National Sales Conference.

Las Vegas - Sealy