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An Adel Update

Chris Mars - Wednesday, August 18, 2010
It's a rainy day here in Adel, Iowa and most of our staff is taking some much needed time to relax and recover. Since the beginning of the new year, our 2010 production season has been like the world's longest roller coaster ride. As you can see, I finally have some time to update our blog page with some recap and cool pictures thanks to Pat Tierney. I apologize as some of this is old news, but we have been hitting the ground running after each show.

So what's new in Adel? Well, we've continued to settle into our new office and are making some great technological improvements to our historic building. Most notable, is our new Production Room here in our office. This room gives us another creative space to cut video, storyboard, and build graphics for our clients. A pretty cool resource for the Bow & Arrow staff.

Now that we have some time to reminisce on the year thus far, I can't believe we've pulled it all off! We've had our struggles and our mountains to climb, but we always got the job done. Looking back, what we realize is that we work with some pretty amazing people and would could not have done it without them. In the next few days I will feature just a few of these amazing people who have made a lasting impression on us as an organization.

The important thing for us to focus on now is how to streamline our processes to make our events more enjoyable for our clients. It's always been our goal to take care of all the details and let our client focus on their message. This is something that takes planning, preparation, and most importantly communication.

Photo Credit: Adel Partners
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