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Communication Fulfillment Company

Chris Mars - Tuesday, October 05, 2010
In most of our information you will see we label ourselves as a "Communication Fulfillment Company" and not a simple Event Production Company.  This may be a bit confusing at times because it seems we provide the same services as an Event Production Company, please let me clarify this issue a little.

A production company can provide the essentials to support your event needs.  These are basic show elements like lighting, audio and staging. In most cases, these services can be sufficient for a basic event. The trend we seem to find with our clients, or prospective clients, is always similar; they want to take their event to the next level.

Our clients focus on pushing the limits on the last year's events.  This has become extremely difficult in an economy with shrinking budgets, but it is our job to deliver a unique event.

So where does Communication Fulfillment come in to this scenario?

As Bow & Arrow Productions has evolved, we have refined our services and taken a different perspective on producing an event.  Our production is driven by the client's message and understanding what is happening within their organization. By making this our focus, we can produce an event that is specific to their current needs.

By having a genuine interest in the client's message, we become a Communications Fulfillment Company and separate ourselves from our competition.  This allows us to fully understand their processes and what it takes for them to be successful.  We normally find our relationships within their organization last longer than a simple working relationship and credit this to the time we spend taking care of their needs.

Sure, we could provide basic lights, sound, and a stage but that would not help our clients communicate their message.

Every event has a purpose, and at the heart of that purpose is a message.  It may be a simple 'Thank You' as we see in awards shows or an informative business meeting with messages for employees.

No matter the size meeting or venue, we take great pride in our role because our clients trust us in communicating their message.  By putting the interest of the client first, we allow ourselves to become a Communications Fulfillment company and better serve our clients.
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