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December Meetings

Chris Mars - Tuesday, January 04, 2011
By: Ashley Reutter 

Being the newest member on a team can be a learning experience for anyone, but the true test is when your new company sends you to three different states in three weeks to produce eight shows.  Long story short, I survived.  But not only did I survive, I learned why someone would hire Bow & Arrow to be responsible for producing their events.  The attention to detail and effort put into making sure every “t” is crossed and “i” is dotted is what makes this company stand apart.

The shows produced were annual Kick-Off meetings, which consisted of the company leaders discussing the future of the company. These messages are extremely important for the audience who serve as the face of the company.  Along with presentations and messaging, a fun game of Family Feud was played testing the audience’s knowledge of key information from 2010. 

Being able communicate key messages to start the year is highly important to our client. Making sure these meetings were well organized and executed at a high level is what makes Bow & Arrow Productions so valuable in all aspects of our client’s events.

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