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Dog Days of Summer

Pat Tierney - Tuesday, July 22, 2014

With company headquarters in the heart of the mid-west, when July & August roll around, we know we’ve hit the dog days of summer.

However, lucky for us, the “dog days” tend to happen all year.   We have written about this before, but Fox Business recently posted an article that long enforces what we at Bow & Arrow have known for awhile– simply put, dogs make the office better.  

And there are a couple of four-legged friends at Bow & Arrow who always make our office just a little brighter… Katie & Maggie.  


They provide constant companionship when working on late night projects, their endearing looks are sure to brighten up any day, they can ease the most stressful situations, help generate the most creative of ideas and they are by far the best listeners around!  

And let’s not forget they have official duties. Squirrels haven’t attempted to visit our office for over 5 years and every visitor is welcomed with a wagging tail.  

Katie (head canine of our creative division) and Maggie (head canine of the technical division) will continue to make appearances here on our blog & social media. And if you are ever near our offices – be sure to stop in and tell them hi! 


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