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Fast Start to a New Year

Chris Mars - Saturday, March 05, 2011
The new year has been extremely busy for our staff here at Bow & Arrow Productions. We started  with shows in Chicago, Orlando and two events in Las Vegas in the months of January and February.

One of the Vegas events gave us the opportunity to spread our creative wings and work with a new client.  The event was for Sealy Mattress Company and their Global Sales Meeting.  The goal was to launch their new Posturepedic mattress line and advertising campaign developed by the Leo Burnett Advertising agency.

We bid on the event 2 months out and put the show together in just over 3 weeks time. For a show this size, we normally bid the show at least six months in advance and work with the client's on messaging for three to four months before the event.  In years past, these meetings have been your basic production with little excitement or energy.  It was our job to take the event to the next level and give Sealy's new product a proper launch.

With limited time for planning, Sealy turned to us to bring the event together and support their messaging.  We produced several custom videos showcasing the rich history of Sealy and blending in their new marketing campaign.

This meeting would be the first time attendee's would be able to view the new Posturepedic line and Marketing material.  Sealy is the number 1 mattress company in the nation, yet they haven't done any marketing or promotions.  The sales representatives were dying for a new product and the tools to sell the product.  What better way to present a new product than put it front and center throughout the entire show?

Our staff worked with the Sealy Research and Development department to implement the new Posturepedic into our set.  We were able to shoot branding and video onto the surface of the mattresses, a simple design with unlimited capabilities for sharing Sealy's new Marketing materials.

Attendee's had the opportunity to preview new marketing material, hear from company officers and get to view the product first hand.  In a three day span, they were given the tools to fully understand the development, special features and how to effectively position the new Posturepedic line.

The event concluded with a recognition dinner and closing comments from Sealy's President and CEO, Larry Rogers.  The product launch was a huge success on multiple levels, from Marketing to Product Development and Sales.

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