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Jim Cathcart inspires at the Opening Ceremony

Chris Mars - Tuesday, August 24, 2010

As we began to prepare for the 2010 USA National Games, we wanted to highlight the accomplishments of some of the Special Olympic athletes. We selected four athletes who have not only excelled in their sport, but also impacted their communities.

After talking to each family on the phone several times, we began to storyboard each athlete’s journey. We quickly realized the huge impact each athlete has on their team, friends and community.

The long hours traveling, missing planes and losing baggage couldn’t dampen our spirits after spending a few days with the athletes. I quickly realized all the great things we had been writing about were true, these athletes are truly inspiring. They bring a joy and passion to life that is unmatched by any and leave a lasting impression on every life they touch.

We needed to get someone to could convey these messages and capture the true essence of each athlete. Call if fate, or good luck, but we happened to get a contact from Jim Cathcart that week. He’s a motivational speaker and one of the best in the business.

Jim had done some work with our Producer, Mike Mars, some twenty years ago at a little convention in Des Moines. It just so happened that Mike ran across Jim’s website and contacted him asking if he remembered working together. Sure enough, Jim knew exactly who Mike was and said he would love to work with us in the future, we had the perfect role.

After sending a few scripts over, Jim gladly accepted the role of Video Emcee for the Opening Ceremony. This was the finishing touch on the videos, a genuine voice and personality who could appreciate the accomplishments of these fine athletes.

When Jim arrived in Lincoln, it became evident he was there to offer his services to the fans. It wasn't about Jim being on stage and getting his name mentioned as a headline speaker. Instead, Jim used the stage as a platform to do what he does best, inspire.
People who put others in front of their own personal successes, are the ones who have lasting impressions. Jim is a truly inspiring person not only because of his unique messages, but also his genuine care for making a positive impact on others.

We are truly lucky to make a great contact and start a new relationship with such an amazing person.
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