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Getting Ready for the 2010 USA National Games!

Chris Mars - Saturday, July 10, 2010
The last few weeks we've been gearing up for the 2010 Special Olympics USA National Games in Lincoln, NE. This year, we're putting together a series of video's for the Opening Ceremony that will highlight four very important Special Olympic athletes and their families. In the last week, we've been in St. Louis, Lincoln, New Jersey and Massachusetts getting all of our video's ready for the Opening Ceremony. It's been a great opportunity to meet and really get to know these families and their stories, they are all truly inspirational.
We will have a very special host to introduce these videos. Jim Cathcart has seen and helped many people grow into some of the most celebrated business persons in the world. Cathcart is a person who has
Meanwhile, back in the office, the rest of the Bow & Arrow team has been working away making sure all the creative, tallent and technical pieces are ready for the week long load-n at the Devaney Center.

In The Trenches

Chris Mars - Wednesday, June 02, 2010
How lasting relationships are built in a small amount of time.

On behalf of everyone at Bow & Arrow Productions, I want to send out a big THANK YOU to all our vendors and those involved with the events in New York City.

For the last 6 months our team has been planning a series of events in New York City. For the events we’ve put in countless hours working out every detail, getting permits for every venue, working while on cramped planes and making several site trips to the Big Apple.

Last Wednesday, most of our team packed their bags, said good-bye to their families and boarded a plane to NYC.

The events would take place on Monday night at Rockefeller Center, Tuesday at Yankee Stadium and Wednesday night on Ellis and Liberty Islands. Even after spending half a year planning, there was still much to do before the events kicked off. So we packed our bags and headed into battle.

Over the next week our team would develop relationships with cab drivers, hotel staff, stage hands, grounds keepers, ferry boat drivers and many more. Seeing all these different people come together to achieve a common goal is an amazing scene. Although most went days without sleep, there is a huge sense of satisfaction when you stand back and look at the final product.

Putting together an event of any size takes team work and through this teamwork, a special kind of relationship is built. Through the struggles and challenges of the week’s events, unique and lasting relationships were built over a short amount of time. Going through the battle of putting together a show is what builds special relationships with our vendors and clients.

The Story Behind Bow & Arrow Productions Inc.

Chris Mars - Friday, April 16, 2010

A lot of clients, friends and vendors always ask us "what's the meaning behind Bow & Arrow Productions?" Being our first blog post, I find it fitting to clear up the confusion and give you all a little insight to the story behind our name.

When our president, Mike Mars, started in the business he was a professional singer, fascinated with the production side of the events. He started picking up on the small technical aspects and soon found himself starting his own company in Des Moines.

Business quickly grew and he decided to make this 'production thing' a full time gig. But Mike made it a point to be more than just a production company. As a former singer in the industry Mike understood all the aspects of the show and has made it his goal to serve his clients with all elements of the show in mind.

When contemplating what to name his new business he asked his close friend Tony Wilson. Tony suggested Bow & Arrow because with out the bow, the arrow is useless. It's the partnership between the two that makes each one effective.

In our industry, the client's message is useless if there is no communication with their desired audience. This metaphor couldn't have been a better fit for Mike's new business outlook and is still a staple of our business model.

I named this blog "The Nocking Point", because it's one small part that plays a big role in making the Bow and Arrow effective. It holds the arrow on the string, without it the accuracy of the bow would suffer. I feel this blog is a tool to help you understand our unique business and hope to share some of our experiences at Bow & Arrow Productions.