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Special Olympics Promotional Videos

Chris Mars - Wednesday, March 02, 2011
This past week we've been working with the National Special Olympics Organizing committee on promoting the 2014 National Games to be held in Princeton New Jersey.  
We've developed a great relationship with this group so it was nice to touch base with some familiar faces.  The request came in to produce two promotional videos which would highlight the athletes of the National Games and the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.  

This was a great opportunity for our company to stay in the loop with Special Olympics and take on a project most would turn over to someone other than a production company.

As part of the 2010 National Games we produced a series of videos highlighting Special Olympics Athletes from around the Nation and the Legacy of Eunice Kennedy Schriver.  These videos were played during the Opening Ceremonies to help share the message of what it meant to be a part of the Special Olympics.  

We took the same approach to these promotional videos in hopes that we could convey the energy at the National Games and the true passion of the Special Olympics organization.  The videos were extremely well received and we hope they continue to be a tool for Special Olympics to use into the future.  

With the trust of the Organizing Committee and solid understanding of the desired message, we were able to take the creative lead on the project's direction.  We feel this is a true testament of our mission statement "Creative Excellence Through Effective Partnership." 

Living by this motto has opened doors for our staff to grow into more diverse roles than simply production.  In this case, promotional material for the Special Olympics Organization.  
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