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The Story Behind Bow & Arrow Productions Inc.

Chris Mars - Friday, April 16, 2010

A lot of clients, friends and vendors always ask us "what's the meaning behind Bow & Arrow Productions?" Being our first blog post, I find it fitting to clear up the confusion and give you all a little insight to the story behind our name.

When our president, Mike Mars, started in the business he was a professional singer, fascinated with the production side of the events. He started picking up on the small technical aspects and soon found himself starting his own company in Des Moines.

Business quickly grew and he decided to make this 'production thing' a full time gig. But Mike made it a point to be more than just a production company. As a former singer in the industry Mike understood all the aspects of the show and has made it his goal to serve his clients with all elements of the show in mind.

When contemplating what to name his new business he asked his close friend Tony Wilson. Tony suggested Bow & Arrow because with out the bow, the arrow is useless. It's the partnership between the two that makes each one effective.

In our industry, the client's message is useless if there is no communication with their desired audience. This metaphor couldn't have been a better fit for Mike's new business outlook and is still a staple of our business model.

I named this blog "The Nocking Point", because it's one small part that plays a big role in making the Bow and Arrow effective. It holds the arrow on the string, without it the accuracy of the bow would suffer. I feel this blog is a tool to help you understand our unique business and hope to share some of our experiences at Bow & Arrow Productions.


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